Equipment Thread

Didn’t think you could put a video on here.

Yeha mine says not authorised extension. Wack

Is he doing back lips yet?

@anon83623327 @buildafire nah can’t upload vids, only pics and GIFs.

The bandwidth would kill me if we started hosting video

You can upload to Imgur I think for free. YouTube probably better though


Jeez. Some speed. And wanting to go faster.

Paging DLX.

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The dimensions are all wrong - too narrow board, no nose or tail to learn tic-tacs, far too narrow trucks and oversized wheels. At 5 years, she’ll be sitting on the board most of the time and something a little bigger, although heavier, will give more stabilty and control. The big wheels mean it’s a (proportionally) bigger distance between the top of the board and the ground, so when she learns to push, her thighs will get burned out way easier.

I bought my son a Stereo plastic cruiser (same, but cheaper) when he was 2, he brought it everywhere like a teddy for a while, but didn’t do much with skating till I set him up with a Magenta mini - 27" (I think) x 7.25" with Ace 33 and 54mm Ricta Clouds a few years ago. There’s a couple of spots nearby with skatepark-smooth concrete where I’ve taken him a couple of times and he finds it way easier with the mini than the plastic cruiser.

Interestingly, his friends all give the cruiser a shot whenever they call over, I think it’s the colours or something…


Daughter likes trying to stand up now, so that means on her skateboard too. Time to upgrade.

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He’s awesome and clearly enjoys it!

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Literally just ordered a Magenta 7.3 mini.

49mm Spits and Thunder 143.

If she hates it I can always get my Rodney Mullen on.


haha, rad! Get her involved with putting it together, builds the hype!


I’m buzzing now. We live close enough to school to both skate in together ha.

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So rad, he’s gunning it aye? Always pushing!

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My daughter has a mini meow deck, indy 129s, and Nora OJ wheels and Nora mob grip. Went for as much of a all female complete as possible. She barely uses and prefers her balance bike. Youngest seems a bit more keen to have a go though

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Latest mailout says they have over 1200 different decks to choose from.

Wonder how many companies that is, no wonder everything’s so fucked.

Parade used to tell you what shop you were getting the thing from, it seems like they don’t now.

Yeah it does? Maybe not on mobile or something

Hmm, didn’t with a board I just got.

It’s way more fun knowing what shop it is, because then you can get a DVD or a mag or a shop shirt or something too.

Serious question: what’s Primitive concave like? Can’t stand deep concave.

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Well, I can stand it, I just can’t seem to flip a board with it…

On a similar vibe I can only skate girl and chocolate as they so flat. Not really fussed on them these days so what’s a good equivalent?

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