Euro Skate Awards 2019

Voting is open:

I’m saying:

Atlantic Drift
Palomino, since Pryamide in Glascow has closed.

Don’t bother voting

Palace and Polar are doing hand shandy’s with Bright

You can all guess the outcome

Nassim for Euro SOTY for me. He killed it in Peace and that Vans edit. Oski only did one trick. :wink:

Polar for video of the year though.

Best wagon jumping awards ceremony?

Ha, I did exactly the same, except memoryscreen at the end

Fuck me - I thought you were joking but it does actually say “Pyramide - Glascow”

Touzery might win his category

Women - difficult to say really - Sarah won last time but as far as I can remember she’s put out the most. Still no LA though - wack.

Heitor will win his category

Euro brand seems so pointless really as it’s always the same brands.
No Skate Cafe for example? (Might not have Euro distro).
Yardsale might win just so they don’t have to give it to Polar/Palace again

Surely on views alone Atlantic Drift will win that category?

Be nice to see ‘Brixton’s Badest’ (sic) win - them having a store in Selfridges is a big deal really and they do a lot of cool stuff in their community.

Instagram of the year - get fucked with that shit.

Jaakko might give him a run for his money.



True but he doesn’t have the same cool sponsors.
Jaakko is the most ‘viral’ on Insta of them all though and this awards does seem like it’s governed by instagram so yeah, you might be right

Word! LA has killed it for years and hasn’t switched up tricks, style or lifestyle for anyone!

The Kalis Thumbs up beats some daft award thats based on instagram likes fingering the rims of companies to support at thier trade show.

Find out tomorrow don’t we?

Fuck I love this clip.

Did Da Silva just do a Parade World clip? To help push it. Or have I got that wrong?


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ESOTY - Oski for 2nd year running

female ESOTY - Sarah Meurle for 2nd year running

rookie - jaako ojanen

instagram (jesus) - Gronze

Brand - Polar (for the 4th (?) time)

Shop - Wallstreet Lyon

Video - Atlantic Drift

Photographer - Alex Pires

Videographer - Ben Chardoune

Media - SOLO

Video part - Touzery in Supreme

Lifetime achievement - Bryggeriet

The pop for the 270 out of back tail is divine.

Atlantic drift isn’t even a video.

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Oski won the internet with that alley oop bs nb slide, so fucking bananas

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