Fantasy Football

The pain is real!

Great to see him slip as it was never a pen!

Can’t believe we let that lead go still

Interesting week, so few games I’m only fielding four players…

Manager of the Week: Joe Burwell with 95 points! (Nice team name by the way!)

Interesting Gameweek coming up:

Anyone got their Wildcard still?!

Absolutely fucked my team this week to get 11 players. A pathetic 15 points before the 32 points a paid for the pleasure.

Gameweek 29

Manager of the Week: Ciaran O Connor

I played my Wildcard. Got 20 points. Left 16 points sitting on the bench :broken_heart:


Wasn’t the average overall 12 or something? I just got lucky with Leno and Antonee Robinson smashing it. The 3 Spurs lads I transferred in got me 3 points, haha.

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No movement at all this Game Week!

Manager of the Week: Niall Behan with 73 points.

Finally had a good week :blush:

Didn’t realise there were all the games tonight and didn’t sort my team out at all…

Triple captained Salah. Easily my worst FPL season


When it rains it pours.


I used an extra sub to get Saka in, only for him not to play. -4 points

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Hahaha, same here!

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Here we go!

James Greenfield goes top!
Manager of the Week: Niall with 75 points

I subbed Palmer for Saka :broken_heart::joy:


Two weeks on the bounce! Going for N26 Manager of the Month for April big time

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In Milan. Forgot to do my weekends team.



Same, done over by pep

Hey - I usually just lurk here but I just joined the league, hope that’s ok!


Schar with his fat twelve points just sat there on my bench.


Forgot to do my team. Son captain….

At least I accidentally kept Dubs in goal