Fantasy Football

6 Weeks in started to settle down a bit. What’s everyone saying.


Such an unpredictable season. I’ve got such a template team so will begin to average out every week soon, but too scared to make any real changes.

Feel like getting more Arsenal guys in, but we all know how that’s likely to go.

My normal routine of not changing my team since week one has yet again failed. Oh well.


This is my bench this week, just as a quick indication of how things seem to be going.


That’s savage.

2nd in our league atm, just done my wildcard to load up on chelsea/city as they’ve both got a decent easy run coming up :slight_smile:

Blown it, thanks Ole.

How’s everyone getting on? Used my wild card and need to move this around I think.

i’ve been blowing it the last 3 weeks, had a strong start as well but shanked it

Fully averaging it week on week. If I finish the season inside the top 1 million I’ll be stoked.

Besides the template Liverpool players most others are a pure gamble.

Had a pretty good week this week, after using my wildcard.

However, once again I’m let down by some of my best scorers being on my bench.


Stoked I brought James in. Not stoked I had Ramsdale in goal.

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Top 5 is tight. Had a fucking mare this week.

Managed to close the gap on the top 3 despite 2 players scoring 0 and 3 scoring 1 this week. It’s the only mini-league I gained on this week, losing places in the other two I’m in. I don’t feel like I’m going to get any good returns next week either, because of injuries and stuff. Also rumours abound of a Covid outbreak at Spurs, apparently 6 players and 3 staff, so you might want to transfer some of those assets out if you have them.

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How’s everyone get on in the cup. Presume most of us qualified.

I’ve been drawn against someone who has 7 ineligible players and somehow it’s still close.

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I’m getting battered by someone who looks like they’ve got a week 1 set and forget team and here’s me chopping and changing every week, looking at stats, still finding a way to suck.



Is that the guy you are against

No that’s how my team looks for next week! Going to have to take a massive hit just to get a team with 11 starting players