Fantasy Football

Played my Free Hit this weekend. Got as Man City, United, Liverpool, Chelsea players in as I could afford. Waste of time!

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Made it past the first round just.

Yeah me too. Almost shagged it with 3 GW transfers.

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That’s exactly what I had to do!

Hopefully the guy I’m up against has taken loads of transfer hits as his team is too perfect.

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I got a bye through to the next round of the England Cup. Guy I’m up against in the other one looks like he’s done fuck all, and somehow got through last week on 37 points.

No doubt I’ll get battered, basically need a City and Chelsea clean sheet.

The bastard I’m up against in the cup is sitting inside the top 200k. I’m fucked.

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I’ve just lost Dennis because of Watford game.

How do you see their overall place @Load?

Also looking at my decisions compared to my cup draw this week. I could really do with Antonio having a good one tonight.

@neddy if you check cups on the website and not in the app you can see their whole team overview

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What’s all this cups talk?

@tomgnargore go down to Leagues on the app then there should be cups next to it.


Oh ffs!

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Missed both the Boxing Day deadline and yesterday’s deadline because I wanted to not impulse change everything at the first possible opportunity then forgot until it was too late, so I’ve had 2 gameweeks of total shite. Just hoping the postponements etc will do a bit of damage limitation for me.

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I love Pep.

But fuck you.

Anyone else triple captain Salah? :sunglasses:

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Took it off last min but left him C so not too bad at least, nearly went TC trent…

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yes but still not sure it’s going to help much considering how many people did. I wonder what the chip usage % is.

Captain Salah Iv had some shocking weeks since January.

Flying at the mo.

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