Fashion Police

So anybody half-decent by today’s standards can dress up as a Soundcloud rapper and get up on the Berrics? What a time to be alive.

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Seems that way!

I’m down for it. Why should girls have a monopoly on doing shit tricks in pretty outfits? Give the pretty boys a chance to shine too! #lit #ootd #gang

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Its like 20 styles in one. Sick.

On one hand, I think, what a an attention-seeking clown. But on the other, we’ve all had our own versions of this, whether it’s 40" orange jeans, summer beanies or whatever. Yep, older heads will laugh, but if you can’t look back at how dorky you dressed in the worst excesses of your teens, then you weren’t living. Gotta get it all wrong to help you learn how to get it right.

No excuses for argyle socks and shorts.


Not just teens dressing this way though is it? I certainly wore some questionable outfits in my teenage years and I almost used to enjoy being mocked for it, better that than be too scared to wear what you think is cool at the time.

That said, I’ll still just call it as I see it, he looks preposterous.

Message from Puleo just in…

“It’s not good”.


Can’t say I’ve seen any 40 year olds dressed like him, does Timmy Mallett count? This fella does dress ridiculously bad, rocking all the patterns and colours possible. Yuck.

Koston has come pretty close at times, but not something to warrant police involvement.

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Most of the shit most of us here wore in the early/mid 90s was pretty hard to find, and it went on to be mainstream fashionable. These folk now are just buying stupid expensive shit for the sake of getting an Insta clip. We looked cool, they just look like what attention-seeking kids look like.


I’m currently searching online for a hat which I suspect is a Supreme collab with the makers of Shredded Wheat, like this guy’s.

Good point, I suppose you’re just not going to get as many likes if you’re in jeans and t-shirt.

We wouldn’t have ever seen this dude if he dressed well.

The difference from then to now is big I reckon.
Now: It’s people trying to get free stuff from brands that will give them kudos. They buy stuff to stand out and get insta likes, tag the brand and hope to get hooked up. It’s a circle of seratonin fuelled consumerism. Unltimate ego shite.

Then: we were a tiny group of people skattered around the world following a trend within our community, we just wanted to fit in and be part of the crowd. It’s kinda the same thing but not driven by the same feelings.


The thing i dont get about this is, its not the clothes specifically that i sont understand - though they are very try hard. Its the focus on the shoes.

All these edits, zoom in on the shoes, zoom out when they do the trick and then zoom back in on the shoes. Its like skateboarding is secondary to showing off what weird massive £400 trainers they have one.

Its one step away from a D3 squashing food fetish.


That clip is everything I hate about skateboarding in 2019.

Everytime I see Strobeck face filming I can’t help but think of the Tim O’Connor quote from this.

“Never look back at the obstacle like it said something to you, that’s worthless and pathetic”


Well they look stupid.

They would look better if he changed out of his slippers and bedsocks

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The second pair are even worse.