Fashion Police

Why thank you. Needless to say, his clothes bother me. Pretty awful for me that his outfits wreck my head that much though, hah.

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The outfits and style switch up just seem like such a conscious effort to gain popularity. He’s obviously amazingly talented but felt like he needed to go super trendy to be noticed and it’s worked albeit not strictly in the right way. Feels so forced

Parts from a couple years ago he was just white t shirt, little beanie and regular fit chinos

I saw a touch of fake Crockett there too.

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I beg your pardon?!

Looks like an art school guy that makes his living as a hairdresser and has a new found interest in carpentry.


Emulating the pop, but unlike Tiago he’s having to try really hard. A bit like Torey does.

Not commenting on the clothes.

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I see him as like a slightly tech-er more sober Greco circa 2017

Dude is trying way too hard in every aspect. Maybe he’s just trying to hedge his bets on what gets him noticed to come up?

There’s only one Greco to copy and that’s mid 90s birdhouse Greco.

yeah but have you seen him pop, he’s got bags of power. just executed in a somewhat stinkier way than Tiago

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