Favorite Spot with Lucien Clarke on Victoria Benches

It’s been a while since I made one of these but I got Lucien (and a few others…) on the phone to talk about Viccy Benches from his childhood through to Palasonic. Funnily enough, for a series called ‘Favorite Spot’ this is one of the few where the skater actually does love the spot and isn’t just tortured by returning to it.

I figured some people on here might have stories from the place too. Would love to hear 'em.

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Just posted in the Interview thread but deserves its own, great work

Excellent work as always Farran

No stories of the place other than reiterating they are SO HARD to skate and the hollow bottom makes them feel even taller than they are


Great work man, them WFTW clips just sound so good.

This. Was gonna ask if any of you actually skated these. I hate ledges with nothing underneath and these were touuuuuugh

I remember going on a night skate decades ago to these ledges, the ones at that temple place and Oxford Street benches and struggling to get a damn thing that wasn’t a fifty


Yup skated them, they are high as fuck.

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yeah oxford street were really rounded but i grew up skating st pauls green ledges which were similar rounded-ness

the victoria park benches to me were the hardest (skateable) street ledges to anywhere in london. mad some of the stuff that has been done on them

Palasonic, Lucien, Viccy B; so so good

Christchurch gardens used to be a plague pit, oof

Putting this out there as otherwise probably no one will ever know (apart from magee who apparently now has the tapes), but I filmed a FS nosegrind nollie heel out on these with Massey (god bless) but afaik footy never saw light of day. Thought it might show up in WFTW.

So this is my way of seeking validation and recognition from my peers!


Really enjoyed that Farran. Fantastic work!

Mental how much Lucien was going off there for Palasonic. Rad bit at the end about Lev getting 4 of the benches.

that was rad. I loved that spot but so hard to skate those benches.

Jason Dill also sold my his entire set-up for 20 quid when skating there as he had run out of fags, had no money on him and was desperate for a smoke. cmoac