Fibreflex 40 years old

Hi, I’m selling my skateboard, I know wrong category but I need an idea what it’s worth realistically. It’s mine, I put it together working Saturdays as a teen in a skate shop in the Netherlands. I kept it exactly as is the last roughly 42 years. Thanks for any help.

Nice. I’d guess around £500, but could go for more as deck is in good condition.

While the Benji Boots were popular back in the 1970s, I doubt if they have the value of Kryptonics which were the wheel of choice for rich kids back then. Puzzled by the trucks, they look like Tracker copies?

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They’re BSC. I don’t remember anything about them, can’t find much online either, except for this. I don’t like eBay, where would be good to sell it? This forum? Thanks for your help!


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If you’re in Facebook you could try some of the collectors groups

I think eBay probably best. But yes facebook is apparently good for shifting this kind of stuff now

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Thanks. At what price though?