Film Trucks

Anyone tried these? They look pretty good and they seem to have some decent people riding for them. Plus it gets me away from the American skate industry hegemony, maaan.

After years of trying every truck I honestly don’t know why everyone doesn’t just ride indys


I’ve been looking at them recently. Would be interesting to see how they skate considering the price. It’s about time I invest in a new set of trucks, but can’t justify 60-70 quid on a pair for on the big 3 any more.

Do they have a usp aside from low price? I don’t mind paying more for indies, they’re almost a lifetime investment…

I like my shit to turn, so I skates Thunder and nothing else.

Usp? Like an upside down kingpin or ball point pivot cup like on furys. :grinning:

Ace Trucks. Nuff said @Garlicnaan

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I loved the Fury baseplate with the hex holes so you didn’t need a socket to tighten you trucks, Sean Goff swears by them too.

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Just had a good look at some Film Trucks.

They look just like distruckto trucks. I’m pretty sure the hanger is exactly the same.

Destructo were awful, pretty sure they didn’t turn. Macca’s board would just go in a straight line when you leaned over.

Yeah same with Red Shoe Dean. He ground his down to the axle really qickly as well.

The real question here is where did you find a set of Destructos? BITD a mate of mine had a red/silver set and some Red and white D3s. Proper don.

Not seen any if the flesh for years bit I did spend a few years of my youth working in a skateshop.

All about the krepers

State of them

Proper mall grab handles. :ok_hand:

I rode ventures for years, got a set of aces few months back, swear by them now plus they look cool ha.

Not sure on Film trucks, they look abit like a thunder/indy cross.

Thunders all day every day. Only trucks I’ve ever been able to set loose enough.