First Broadcast 20th anniversary Zoom chat

Featuring Adam Mondon, Paul Shier, Nick Jensen, Vaughan Baker, Dan Magee, Colin Kennedy and various others.
I haven’t watched it yet but this level of geekery deserves its own thread.

Fingers crossed that Dan manages to let everyone else speak for once.


Ha ha.

Jensen talking about getting his parents to come on a Barca filming trip but ‘disguising it’ as though they were just on holiday at the same time because of his anxiety.


well worth a listen

If anything it seems like he goes to tell a few interesting stories and gets cut off by some trivial point made by one of the others a few times in this and loses his train of thought or the moment has passed and we don’t get to hear it.


Yeah i agree, it was probably conscious over compensation on his part.


A very enjoyable watch/listen and I’ll always find it funny when I hear of people not being happy with footage that I’d consider classic!

Amazing and scary to think of it being quite that long ago but on the other hand it does also feel like a fair old while back now, after all how long has Blueprint been dead now, 10 years?

Such a great era of skating though with Blueprint just coming into its peak. I must’ve bought so much of their stuff after that video, including the camo five panel hat which I believe someone pinched off me :rage:

Also, Kennedy was right to point out that that Baines fakie varial flip, I always liked how he made that look.


Watched it last night, so good. I found Jensen’s things about anxiety interesting. Good to see him being so open about past and present struggles.

Vaughan getting on was a good story, I always thought he had been poached but from how I understood it he had already quit bomber at that point to pursue “normal life”.

Such a great time in skateboarding [/rose tinted glasses]

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Seen that before, think it was good that he continues to be so open. It was real for him the. as it is now and was a part of this filming process so real rad to see him talk about about. Power to him!

CK mentioned about the anxiety of being a pro etc too. Nice they are all open.

Did Magee come across as a bit, I dunno, snippy?

Watched it last night and noticed the spot at 32:32 that Baines switch noseslides.

I’ve never really paid attention to it much before because it flies past. It’s about 10 mins from my house in a long forgotten Bristolian industrial estate, which I happened to walk past yesterday en route to one of the local fields/play parks with my son.

It’s so rough and will need a huge block of wax to get it going again, but I’m going to try and bully Scott or someone to get a clip on it in homage.


This gif from that Adam Mondon interview is a gem:


Update, this is the spot :frowning:

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Looks like you’re running out of time!

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