First time back on board

So stopped riding when I was 17, just jumped back on today at 32, no idea what I’m playing at lol, dad of 3 and everything. I posted the other day about set up and I actually just scored a great deal on a practically new krooked Deck, thunder trucks and bones wheels and bearings with a nice skate tool for only £60 all in! Went to the park just to get used to riding on it again really, no flip tricks as wrong footwear but a few shove it’s and a fakie big spin lol, came off once on a little quarter pipe going up Fakie to tail tap to get used to dropping in again…it hurt but i think with trainers I was happy to trash I would of been more comfortable, let’s see how this goes then lol


Sounds great! keep it up, it’s fun if a little more scary past 30, you’ll be surprised how much you get back if you do it enough. If you only skate once every few months you’ll barely get anything back and can feel demoralising but if you skate every week there is no reason why you shouldn’t get back what you had before and way more.
I have 3 kids and just about 42 had a period (past 10 years after injuries) where I could count on fingers how many times i’d skated per year. I’m skating 1-2 times per week now and learned so much, albeit miniramp only.

I’d say that was a pretty amazing start tbh. I’m nearly 40, not skated since my early 20s and I’m only just starting to get back ollies and shuv its. That said, like @anon90826813 says, I’m skating the square root of bugger all except for cruising to work and back, if / when I find time to get down the park a bit more regularly hopefully I’ll pick up a bit more.

Keep it up!

Oh son, you’ll be fine.

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32 is young around here mate, you’re barely out of ‘the window’…

I would suggest a pre-skate stretch routine, works wonders for me and gives the skatepark youth something to laugh at.

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Yeah mate, I’m the summer it’s easy enough, I have a park on the way to work, I can hit it early morning before anyone’s down there for an hour, but in winter will be harder as I start at 7, but I’ve still got a couple months to see what happens!

I’ve been nipping to a local park near work at lunch, but now its the school holidays and there are too many kids on scooters ruining my fun. :frowning:

Haha same here, not had a lunch skate in weeks. Plus I’m spending all my spare time filling in job apps. Fun.

Does anyone wear pads? I’m 43 and have had some recent bad injuries. I’m thinking of padding up but don’t want to look too geeky albeit I skate early mornings.

Do whatever works for you.

I am coming back from a broken elbow and have been wearing an elbow pad for any rolling, as opposed to just saving pads for big transitions.

Also been skating with my kid, my girlfriend and her kid recently, so have been donning a helmet to set a good example too. Feel like a dork when I’m just rolling around doing basic stuff… but I’m past caring what anyone else thinks at 36.

Pads is a weird one for me. I guess if I’m gonna skate something big like vert its probably best.

Saw a kid over the weekend fully padded up at Dev green and I swear the pads were injuring him more. Almost like his go to was a knee slide rather than just running out and because the concrete was rough he wasn’t sliding and stopping dead

Fuck knee sliding at Dev.

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Yeah @nick look up some jujitsu videos on how to fall forwards (forward roll) and backwards roll, that will save your wrists and concussions way more than wristguards and a helmet.