Fixation on Plastics

Did we accidentally leave him on the old forum? Can we revive him? I miss the videos, man was jokes (and really interesting)


Didn’t he move to Glasgow? I miss him too.


I’m sure he retired from forum life way before N26 went.

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Does anyone know him? If we can get rid of Trump and bring back F.o.P. we may be able to save 2020

He’s not the hero we deserve, he’s the hero we need

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Was thinking about him recently as a mate of mine mentioned his name and said their band played at a show he put on. Was wondering where he was.

I stayed with him and a couple of other N26 OGs in a travel lodge at UKSA years ago. We made a fort in the hotel room. It was a great time. I hope he’s well.


Cmon bro, phone him and tell him we need him. Put up the bat signal

I don’t have his number and I’m not on social media. Surely someone will though.

@anonymity must know how to find him…

He did move to Glasgow, not sure if he’s still there. He went off-grid communication wise quite a while ago from what I’ve heard. Hope he’s well

It was talking to FOP years ago, (‘08/‘09 maybe), that got me lurking the OG Sidewalk forum. Funny guy for sure.

Funny/sad story- on the old forum like 10 + years ago at least, someone sent me an anonymous nasty message, me and fixation just had a bit of a debate about something so I assumed it was him and sent him a message calling him a dreadlocked hippy and it turned out it was Andy Smoke that sent me the original message. Think he always hated me after that. If you’re reading this, sorry FoP, I really am. Smoke, I’m comin for you hehe


I miss meth…hope he’s doing alright

There are loads AWOL. It’s easy to get into a routine where you don’t visit here. Couple of years ago I was not skating and just concentrating on music I had a big break from here. It was dead for a good while though. Now it’s the best it’s been in over 5 years I think. We’re slowly building back up.

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