Football Thread

Villa bossed the midfield for sure but, unfortunately that’s not where the goal is…


For them.

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Elneny working his magic for Egypt I see!

Meanwhile at AFCON?!

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That sounded bonkers!

Some great replies to this.

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Me too, hahaha.

Back on the “clubs taking the piss” thing. Fuck Arsenal. They have two players isolating according to talksport. So the reason for cancelling today’s game was lack of first team players due to afcon, injuries and suspension (and the two players isolating)

Bit of a pisstake that the FA allowed the match to be postponed (although it wouldn’t be the FA if there wasn’t a permenant wiff of corruption)

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Instead of Brighton chanting ‘seagulls, seagulls’ I’d like to hear them actually chant like seagulls and squawk.


Dean Smith - what a job at Norwich. Legend!


Hope they stay up tbh

Everton scum. Throwing shit at players. They can fuck out of the Premier league now


I’m an Everton fan and can agree some fans are complete scum. We deserve to be 1-0 down. Utter shite.

On the pitch your team look a lot better. Returning players and Ferguson being a big help. On the other hand, absolute scum in the crowd. Second half is going to be trouble

Didn’t create a single chance though. It’s just woeful.

Several bottles thrown after the Villa goal, not just 1.
Hope the Brian cants involved get banned for life.

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I like the “make them play next home match with no fans” idea too

Massive fucking win for the Toon. Won £60 off a tenner as well


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