Football Thread

Put a few quid on them to do Prem, Champs and FA Cup. 125/1


Sick game

City are very good aren’t they!

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Not beyond possibility. Which bookie you seen that with?

William Hill
Defo a long shot but stranger things have happened
They seem to have a really strong consistent squad this season with lots of options.

Looks like Rangnick will be the interim United manager till the end of the season, with a deal to stay on in the background for the next two years…

Jokanovic gone, Hecky back in charge

How did we manage to get the only skint Saudi Prince ffs


Has anyone mentioned how mad it is that Aguero has had to retire because of those heart problems.
Bit of a sad end to an amazing career.


Has he officially retired?

I thought he had last week, I could be wrong though!

SPICY qualification groups for the World Cup! Italy - Portugal and Wales - Scotland in the same pots!

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