For Sale Thread (Selling your stuff)

Sadly they went in the recycling :frowning: I was moving out of a place and needed to get rid, sorry!!!

Anyone wanna buy this Dime long sleeve off me? XL

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Dammit haha!

not as much for sale as basically free.

Bought a pair of these in size 34 but didn’t fit. returning cost about the same as buying a new pair so if anyone wants them they can for the price of postage.

Too big or too small? If they’re quite a big 34 then I’ll have 'em (if not then I’m probs too fat).

unfortunately too small!

Probably no use for my lardy arse then :frowning:

Lightly used pair of indy 139s almost like new. Still got the stickers on the bottom. £50 posted

Thunder 147 hollows in blue brand new. £55 posted

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Those Thunders are £60 new anyway. And you’d get a Free/North/Grey/Solo and a sticker from a shop too.

Are they thought they were nearer 70.


Got a pair of these in UK 10.5, £25 posted…

Selling two pairs of lightly used OG skate shoes (literally the OG in one case)

éS Tom Penny skate shoes size UK9 in beige

Emerica OG One skate shoes size UK9 (The MJ reissue) in black and white

I think one of you was after that Altamont tee, right? I have it and it’s in good condition. Large.

Marked down due to recent market reevaluations.

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#Vintage sells

Ave it Hawk

Selling a house in Cardiff if anyone wants one.

Will give a forum discount. 205k and she’s yours. Just don’t look at the flat roof too closely or pay any attention to what a surveyor might say to you. The fucking liars.


Got an 8.5 Landscape Sheffield, and a 8.675 Nora Welcome Board. Can post picks if anyone is keen, need to generate some bank for car insurance.

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Orbs wheels, 52mm 99a duro, 20 posted!

Indy hollows forged, stage 11 149, 35 posted!

Pair those up with a Blackwell board and you’re golden.