For Sale Thread (Selling your stuff)

Stuff to shift in here. Couldn’t find a thread already.

Have a Century Optics MK1 Bayo Mount Fisheye for Sale. One scratch shows in footage.

Anyone interested?

Wanted, rather than for sale: DVD copy of Jacob Harris’s ‘Eleventh Hour’.

Longshot obvs, but there’s probably no better place to post a request like this.

I’ve got it, I do like it but might be persuaded, what you got to swap? Or do you have a DVD burner?

I can watch it online but for reasons I don’t entirely understand myself, I really like having the physical thing when it comes to skate dvd’s. I can put together a bit of a swap list to see if anything tickles yer fancy.

Don’t worry if its a hassle I’ll just send it, pm your address

I just checked through. Honestly I’d forgotten quite how many I’d sold or given to mates. Probably nothing of interest whatsoever left over…

That SOTY video has some great stuff in it, the extras too

@navitronic @tbk11 can you see this?

yeah mate can now

Long shot but has anyone got a copy of Fully Flared they’d be willing to part with? I haven’t watched it since I had an illegally downloaded copy years ago and I’ve been jonesing to for ages, and I don’t feel like a shitty rip is doing it its rightful justice.

Yes but is in mum and dad’s loft and won’t be there for a good couple months at least

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That was quick!

I mean, I’ve waited this long, I’m happy to wait. Let me know nearer the time and we’ll sort something out if that’s ok? Thanks, pal.

Re-posted from Pointless topics the other day:

Old copies of Grey magazine that I’ll be throwing out unless anybody would like them? I’m in South London so you could pick up or throw me some money for postage otherwise. Otherwise any suggestions of places that might be interested for archiving etc.

click play, or pay £2.49 - same runtime, I bet they are both HD+

Wasn’t there two soundtracks hence the different versions? Or was this an earlier one (Yeah Right?)

Ones uploaded by a user

The other is uploaded by YouTube I guess

Yeah Right definitely had 2 versions. Like an OG skateshop version and a mallshop version, or something like that.

2013 MacBook Air 256gb SSD hardrive, i5 processor.

Little cosmetic rings but works perfectly comes with charger.

£250 any takers before eBay take all my money in fees?

Maybe one for @sonnyhooper?

Thanks Neil! Hi @AyeAye defo after the middle right one I think, which issue is that please?