Free Skate Mag - Leonardo Bodelazzi – Leozinho

Absolutely deserves a thread,
Universitat nollie is mythic and that’s only the second trick.


I’m telling you, the Goofy boys are out and the Dope boys are in. Hoping Tiago makes another run for SOTY…

The dude who featured in this part was a brief but similar cameo to AZ on Nas’ Life’s a bitch.

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Also - the kid hugging him after the nollie is the other Leonardo who I picked in that Free QS rip off thing (see below).

Denim symmetry!

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Really good.

Very hard tricks.
Skates fast.
Good style.

Triple threat!


Do you ever read your posts out loud before hitting “Reply”?


next levs


Bahaha, Iv skated / been to a lot of spots in this. Ridiculous.

So so sick , watched this a few times already, his style is so banging and chill, reminds me of that mid 90’s west coast style footage from America but with even more banging tricks. Will defo be keeping up with this dude . So sick

That Favaro part is so sick!!

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