French Elections

Thank fuck for that


Phew !

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It was pretty obvious he would win but Marine Le Pen’s party keeps gaining ground.
The real trouble for Macron will come with the parliamentary elections in 6 weeks.

(My relief being that le pen was likely to negotiate giving away Ukraine to Putin)

For real. Got some french family, they’re not mscron fans but still relieved

No it wasn’t. I have been working with a French friend for the past week and been with her and her partner all weekend…!

You’re not wrong Spanky.
What would have beaten him was the level of abstention. Fortunately chose the intelligent vote to guarantee the far right didn’t get through.
With that in mind, take away lesser evil votes and the result would have been much closer even most probably the other way around. 42% of the vote is huge and reflectd how divided and desperate the french are with their political situation.
Yes, Marine could have won this time but thankfully people know that’s not a good look. A lot of the French people I know were having to choose between a rock and a hard place. Many young voters didn’t want to vote and thought even not voting or abstaining was a good way to hsndle their choice. However, the fanatics will always vote for their representitive come rain or shine. So again, the real thing to look at is how strong the RN party is getting and how acceptable their opinion is becoming either as a something new to follow a release for mounting tension.

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Anything seems possible since Trump got elected in 2017 so this is definitely quite a relief.

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