Friday session: Skaters X Garden stuff

Ok just to lift the mood a little let’s take it back to the N26 days and see what skateboarder’s names we can shoehorn into things you’d find in your garden.

Good thing is you can’t cheat because the old forum is still down.

Just a thought - keep it to one skater per post and like ones you think are best? I don’t know, whatever.

Plants Mountain

Shed Selego

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Ray Barbee


James Bush

Greg Finch

Jason Dill

Alex Mole


Stefan Herb

Ted Wheelbarrow

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Patio Dell

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Steve Cabbage

Jon ‘Fred and Rose’ West

Jason Daffodil

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Chris Coal Bunker

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Pat Washingline

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Patio Duffy

Shawn Flowers

Sorry Build… Missed your use of patio.