Geoguesser: UK Skate Spots

I made a Geoguesser of UK street and park spots. It’s completely pointless and not ‘for’ anything, and I don’t know if it’s worth making it any bigger but whatever, you get one free game a day without signing up. Although signing up is only about £25 a year and totally worth it. The UK Wetherspoons map is a good, easy-ish one too.


My geoguessr account just run out, gutted.

I only go on it now and again, but seem to get right into it when I do, so the sub is worth it for those times.

just paid again.
I have laxxed on it for a while but this thing got me through the worst of the split haha.
My country streaks are well down, need to get back up to scratch. Geoguessr is like frontside flips, you have to do them all the time to keep them good.
Still watch the occasional Geowizard vid though.


I’d definitely recommend it to anybody who needs to zone out. Especially if you like seeing interesting looking places.

Geowizard can be a bit of a twat sometimes but he’s really fucking good. Picking out a dirt track in Morocco or something based on where the sun is and the road markings or something. Mad.

was a bit slapdash with my marker and lost a few points. Nice one though builda, was fun. And took a while as I was having 2 conversations as well. I also always play no moving just scroll and zoom.

would be cool to add shit loads of lesser known ones too.

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genius. I am so down for this. About to start a long weekend as well…

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add more by getting people on here to dm hometown spots? well up for that

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Yes! This! These ones are only ones I knew I could find straight away. If anybody wants to send hometown spots - Google maps links - I’ll add them.

That’ll make it much better. I’d really appreciate anybody doing this.

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Theres only 5 levels.
Do I have to pay for more?

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No there isn’t. It goes up by five levels at a time.

And yes, you get one free game a day. Good going there.

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Enjoyed that & not tried Geoguesser before, need to investigate it more

Did a pin drop map of North East spots last year that I can send across if of use?

Yes please. Added a couple of contributions this morning, so fire them over.

Big up everybody doing so well at this too. The spots were easy to identify but actually finding them on a map isn’t always that easy.

Don’t have my board and it’s rainy and I’m in townie shoes otherwise I would bust shit down this rn.

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Damn Les, don’t get too close to the edge!

had fun with this - started putting no move and time limit on each round though given I’m now getting repeats think I may be approaching most of the spots currently on

Cheers Build, good fun!

If I can find time/procrastinate, may do a West Mids one

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I thought this guy got mentioned on here before.

I’ve got obsessed with these straight line missions. I think i watched the first bit when it came out and forgot about so may have posted this before but I’ve gone back and watched them all.

I love the idea and he’s really entertaining:


A new attempt has dropped.

Why is a man trying to cross Wales in a straight line so entertaining?

This is part 1 of 3:

His fourth!