getting better at manuals

hey guys, i have recently learnt how to do an manual. i think i am doing it correct as each day my balance is getting longer and i am becoming more confident, is there a way to stop the freezing fear feeling when your board is in air? sometimes my manuals are 1-2 seconds long and other times 3-6 seconds long. is there any tips to one day do a manual without fear? i have only been doing them this week
thanks :slight_smile:

Just keep trying it. Same as everything.

Make sure you are going fast enough. If you get comfortable with your speed you shoud be able to go further and longer.

  1. Find empty carpark
  2. Try to manual across 1x empty carpark bay
  3. Then try 2x bays
  4. Then 3x etc

Gets to the point where you can basically manual forever and ever.

  1. Repeat switch/fakie/nosewheelie etc
  2. Become manual roll god, remove front truck, etc
  1. Tuck hands into pockets and practice stationary manuals at Slam warehouse.

thats what i have been doing , i don’t have much friends yet, as they are all in another city, i skate around 6pm till 11pm every night by myself doing manuals

Find a nice (or shitty) curb island and do them on that. I never really got past that stage tbh