Getting into skateboarding

Hey all, I’m 38 and have just bought a board with the intention of properly trying to learn how to skate. (Tried a few years ago but promptly gave up due to skating alone). Was hoping there was any other beginner skaters on here or anyone really in or around new milton, Hampshire, that would like to meet up occasionally to skate (or attempt to)

Thanks :call_me_hand:


Not a beginner, or in your area but im sure your local skatepark will have people learning (normally the guys fully padded up).
From all the late starters ive met, they tend to find it easier and most fun learning to skate miniramp. Once you learn to slam the mini ramp is a little more forgiving than street.

Get stuck in :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome cheers for the advice… definitely looking forward to trying to skate a mini ramp

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