Ghost stories

Have we done a ghost stories thread before? Am sure we have. Someone mentioned uncanny in either thread, listened to this and am staying in pitch black country house at the moment


“…and the phone call was coming from inside the house!!!”


I’ve listened to most of Danny Robins’ podcasts and you don’t have to believe a single thing to get some enjoyment out of them in my opinion.

Personally I believe people do see ghosts (and not always those who are totally spooked out or desperate to see one) but I’m not too sold on the idea of them literally being dead people wandering around lost like they’re portrayed in a Christmas Carol.

Yeah Uncanny is good fun. Battersea Poltergeist and Witch Farm are worth a listen too if that’s your kind of thing.

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Thinking back I have three as a young adult - around 20 years old.

First is after a night out with my friends, staying at my mates farm. Walked into the entrance/porch and I could ‘hear’ people in the dining room - I’d mentally prepped myself for talking to his parents and whoever they had around that night, as you do. Mate opened the door into the dining room and it was pitch black, no one there. Laughed it off - “that was mad, I thought your folks were still up having a party”. I can only explain it as feeling the atmosphere in the next room. Not scary just ‘well that was strange’ more than anything.

Second is on PlayStation night - Load of us playing Soul Blade at my mates house. I was facing the doorway to the hall and saw someone walk past in the hall. Again, laughed it off “mate, who was that?”. Apparently that has been seen numerous times and I didn’t know beforehand. His house was an old gatehouse type of property, very old.

Third is in a hotel, actually known to have issues. Just sat there having a beer and a pint glass falls off the shelf, straight down onto the bar right in front of me. Loads of issues down in the cellar, usual haunted hotel/pub trope haha, my mates who worked there said it was just like there was someone there with you. It has since been exorcised and I believe more than once, but I don’t know what happened to the owner for her to get that sorted.

Apparently the first pub I worked in is haunted but I saw nuttin’ in the time I worked there.

First - could be the building dynamics - old farm house extended multiple times over a couple hundred years.

Second - could be a car driving past at night and the lights reflecting funny.

Third - haven’t a clue. Shit me up a bit though haha.

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Saw a ghost when I was about four and too young to even know about ghosts. I don’t remember it but apparently my Mum tucked me in bed and went off to get something before coming back into my room. I asked her who the lady in the white dress stood smiling at me at the end of my bed was. The previous owner had died of cancer in the house and had never had, but really wanted, kids apparently. At least it was a friendly one, not some loon swinging a severed head around and gurning I suppose.


Are poltergeists only as strong as the person they used to be? Why are they only ever knocking books off shelves and dropping plates, cutlery and glasses? If I was a poltergeist I’d throw a bin through a window, at least.

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If a group of them worked together could they flip a car?


When I was about 6 or 7, we went on a family holiday somewhere in the Lake District. It was like a holiday home/budget Centre Parks type place and we stayed in what was a converted old farm house at the top one of the site, looking over the moors.

The only thing I really remember about the holiday is that 1) the sheep would come down off the moors and hang out in the garden and 2) we left the holiday early and came home. I distinctly remember after breakfast my parents decided to pack up and we left.

Anyway I just happened to ask my sister about it a few years back, and she was like, ‘you don’t remember why we left early?’

Turns out me and my sister had come down to breakfast and told our parents about how we had spent the night playing with the other boy and girl in the bedroom. And it was this that made my parents decide to cut the holiday short.

What’s weird about this is that me and my sister would be unlikely to make something like that up - we weren’t allowed to watch scary stuff and my sister was only 4 or 6 anyway so probably couldn’t have convincingly lied. Also my mum would not have believed it anyway. She didn’t believe in ghosts at all and was also very strict CofE, and didn’t have any time for supernatural stuff. My dad does believe in ghosts but not in a serious way, and is also very level headed. So it doesn’t really make any sense.

I never asked my mum about it and dad mentioned it once but doesn’t really remember the details anymore. Odd.


This is why religion is so funny… The father, the son and the Holy Ghost.


Believes in a big man living in the clouds with magic powers, thinks household ghosts are a load of nonsense.


Can’t argue with faith

Still one of the best nights of UK television:


hahaha I remember watching that

Amazing how much it wound people up as well:

If ghosts were really left behind by violent deaths, they’d be about a thousand of them per square metre, in populated areas.

I don’t believe in them but they still scare the crap out of me


That’s a good un

Started listening to this yesterday while off on a bike ride.
Keen for more of his stuff

I think this is the first series he did.