Gift ideas

Too early? Too late?

Anyway, I was thinking this morning as I made my coffee that the flask I have is my go to gift for a non personal not that expensive gift for someone. I remember these threads existing in years gone by so maybe worth a go again.

keeps things hot/cold for ages, can drop it off high places and it will survive (tested) and can take it apart full to clean all the muck out. £25ish online in the usual places.

anyone else?

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Fortnum and Mason hampers and Fortnum and Mason tree decorations. I buy them as gifts for work clients/employees whatever. I must have spent thousands on them over the years.

I got a big family here so Christmas can be expensive. What we normally do is all put our names into a hat and one person has to secret santa another person up to value of say 50 €. Keeps things nice and easy and no multiple present nightmare scenarios.

Also I got a running list of crap I want in Google Sheets so if anyone wants to buy me anything I just give them that to choose from, I hate receiving unwanted shit as gifts. Especially artwork, like yeah ok why would I want something YOU like on MY fucking wall?

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I’m getting married next year and we’re going to tell people if they absolutely must get us a gift to get us a bag of logs for the fire. We live on a houseboat and don’t need anymore shit to take up space that wont keep us warm.

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Tried proposing Secret Santa in my family and it got shot down.

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Still figuring out Christmas in my kind of new life.
I used to just stay out of the way and people would leave their main family Christmas to come chill and maybe even just go for a skate.
Now I’m in a family, it’s hectic.
My bro had his first kid 1yr ago on 2nd of Dec, my sister’s is the 5th, my youngest is the 9th, my Dad is the 14th, then Christmas and then my eldest is the 17th Jan.
I think this is punishment for having avoided the entire season in my previous life.
I’ve no clue about what they want, mostly, but I’m going to have to get myself well organised for this part of the year in future.
Slip in a family issue and an election and I’m completely burnt out.

Don’t have any family on my side and I don’t sit with people at work so I get to avoid much of it, thankfully.

Ah man, don’t become the Grinch

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