Gloves and cold weather skating

After going through a load of leather gloves and them being basically useless in cold I’ve found workman’s gloves are brilliant. I know this probably isn’t news to most people but warm gloves when you look for them in the shops aren’t cheap and are usually totally unsuitable for skating in.

Rubber coated palms and fingers so no split seams on your thumb, insulated and cheap as chips (about £5 a pair). These are super warm insulated ones I got at the equivalent of Screwfix and am also going to use them for cycling:

And these Tamrex ones are lighter weight from spring weather, also great for a bit of DIY or moving furniture:

Might seem silly to mention this now but it’s still cold here (last week it snowed) and wanted to get it on the thread for posterity.


I’ve got a similar pair to those Tamrex ones for bike repair - went through a phase of a puncture a week in Jan/Feb and they work for keeping the hands clean. Good for apartment gardening too, heh.

Ended up splurging on a pair of Sealskinz - water/wind proof, supposedly usuable with touch screens, but that’s debatable. Also got a pair of Extremities which are great with screens, are light, durable and warm but not waterproof - I also use them as goalkeepers gloves when playing footy with my son.


Still snowing in Estonia?

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 13.11.48

Not really glove weather here…

Always one eh?

Snowed last week.

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bro, maybe start a continually updated weather thread, bro


You can wear workmen’s glove in hot weather if you’re committed…

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I tried to jump a double set that no one had done before, it was not known and hidden, not because it was massive. I didn’t like bailing on the tarmac landing, was hurting my prissy hands so someone suggested wearing gloves to land it, trouble is the closest thing we could find were marigolds. I think we might have had the camera out so there may be evidence of some attempts wearing them. Very odd. They didn’t work obviously and it got left for another day to return, which I never got around to.

Ha. That was a good day. Apart from having to wait quietly for someone else to land something.

haha, yeah, what trick was that and where? I don’t remember.
Was not me by the way, I need stupid noise to land stuff.

I think he had to heel flip the smaller set round the side of that church. Good times.

yes of course! haha. I have all of his tapes, I really need to work out how to play them as i’m pretty sure my camera is done.

Haha how did I fucking know you started this thread when I saw it !

I use these for cycling. Love em . Warm, not too thick , good grip. Just sharpie the text .