Gnarly Photos thread

ooh think i prefer the first angle tbh - jakedarwen on Instagram: "First or Second Angle? 🤔🤔 @tomkarangelov - Wallie , Brisbane , 2018. As seen in latest @nbnumeric #NM379 video by @brindlecollective 🎥✨"

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Jheeez. I didn’t even clock the sign/head danger in the footage!

I keep looking at this and can’t fathom why you’d try this and how bloody frightening it looks.

EDIT: In all seriousness though, big up Horsey. It’s a pleasure seeing him get more coverage again lately.

That is so sick

Impeccable form from SBN’s chromeball interview.

Has anyone ever bluntslid the lower bricks? Like to see something like a frontside bluntslide across the curb high one then into a fakie nosegrind on the top.

that’s like one of those things that pops into your head when you’re a kid and you’re staring out of a moving vehicle at things at the side of the road

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Anyone on here into taking skate photos? Here are some of mine

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We used to have a thread for posting our own stuff on the old forum, might be worth creating one of those boss?


It’s a private ramp, in someone’s garden. It’s inside the M25 (just).


Is that a flick or a 1 foot?

Looks like a floaty flip.

Flip fakie somehow.

Flip fakie looked the most likely to me but that’s huge, otherwise, where’s he going?
Pic snapped at the top of the catch for a guess.


Is that Gustav Tonneson?

It is indeed. More of him:


Check the footage thread.