Ishod is the GOAT.

The guy called Zac Saracino or whatever is amazing.


Three things about that Ishod part.

  1. That switch fs shove tailslide/switch noseslide (whatever) he does in a line…what an underrated trick!

  2. Check out the amount of sweat that comes off his body at 12:20.

  3. Fucking legend.


Watched again this morning, Ishod and Midler unreal.

Bit of a Midler fan boy now after that. The Kickflip Back Lip he did on Arto’s kinked rail.

Side note: I remember when Mindfield came out and someone posted a Gif of Artos Back Lip on the old forum, and everyone lost their shit haha.

Just gunna watch intro Ishod and Midler one more time.

Need to stop watching this went ‘skating’ two days in a row, rolled around couple of bits too cold for me.

Double post dont care.

Watched the Ishod part a few times now, incredible. Not many people could pull off that opening song ha. Zach Saraceno part was great too.

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Is Midler on steroids or something? Few years back he was some annoying jock kid who hung around with Miker Taylor and PRod. Since about 2019 he’s an absolute beast doing tech gnar on some other level in every video

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He still looks and sounds like an annoying teenage turtle. No denying his insaneness in this. Much in the same way as that kid that looks like Blanka who was meant to be involved with dodgy Nyjah situations, Chase? He’s fucking amazing but just can’t get on with his streetfighter hunch.

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i neeeeeed to watch the making of that sunset carwash back 3

re-watched this so many times, Ishod’s switch game is awesome. Don’t think I fully appreciated it first time round.


Just got on to this, so good so far and have only watched the Intro and Midler’s bit.