An hour-long video?! At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the internet, localised entirely within California?!


Never realised Kevin White was such a stinker.


That Midler back three though :exploding_head:

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Just watched the whole of this. Fucking incredible, rad soundtrack as well.

Midler, wouldn’t of expected him to throw that shit at that spot damn. Won’t spoil it but fuck me.

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Man this is fucking incredible, seriously next level vid


So fucking good. Will watch it again tonight once little mans in bed.

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Ishod is the GOAT. Fuck it there I said it, I don’t think anyone really gets close to him.

I can’t think of many other skateboarders that smile and evoke so much positivity through their footage.


What time is the Ishod section? I skipped to check the ender. 56 minutes is a lot for my 50 year old brain to digest.

[edit] 11 minutes in.

Footage seems to be from about five years ago up until right now. Well worth keeping it for a full length, this is rad.

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Should be showing with the sections split anyway?

What song is it? I don’t know music. Sorry. @anon83623327

Thank you. @anon83623327 please excuse my ignorance.

Just waiting for Spurs game to finish, then re-watch. Lil’ man sparko.

Need to find time to watch this.

Just finished this and properly enjoyed it. Nice to see a full length with a group of mates. Ishod probably is the GOAT at this point.




Watched it with my mate and we both said how the whole vid had a chomp on this vibe .

It was a fucking sick edit , next level skating from everyone.

Does anyone find Robert neal has that Harold hunter cockiness going on ? It was great to watch .

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Damn. Heavy video.
Needed to put the time aside to get through it, but it didn’t drag.

I’m not sure that their cases put forward to security as to why they should skate private property are the best angles.
Definitely chuckled at most, though. Clearly they are just having a laugh when they get confronted.

Also, Robert Neal made a great case for Americans really, really, really needing to up their basic geography. Asking "Is Africa a whole day ahead? Like…24 hours?” seemed daft as fuck to me.


Midler also managed to convert me from feeling like he is just a 100% jock tit. He went in. Maybe this’ll be the part where he gets to leave the contest kid image behind?
Zion had his best shit I’ve ever seen - he skates some GNARLY spots…
Louie just showing once again that whatever he does these days is beautiful.

And that Ishod footage. Woah.

Yeah, this was a great video.

I think my favourite thing was how they rolled as a crew. Like, people would get tricks and EVERYONE was there. Fucking sick, that. It didn’t just feel like a load of cobbled together footage because of this.


Watched the first 10 mins last night, gonna go back and finish the rest tonight. I agree with that cocky feel about Robert Neal, Ishod just look likes he’s having fun all the time

Yeah it was more the cockiness rather than a direct comparison, but I’ve only ever seen him in videos and not in person .
Harold was certainly unique and a one off.