An hour-long video?! At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the internet, localised entirely within California?!

Never realised Kevin White was such a stinker.


That Midler back three though :exploding_head:

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Just watched the whole of this. Fucking incredible, rad soundtrack as well.

Midler, wouldn’t of expected him to throw that shit at that spot damn. Won’t spoil it but fuck me.

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Man this is fucking incredible, seriously next level vid


So fucking good. Will watch it again tonight once little mans in bed.

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Banging- such a good Ishod part. Like an Ishod Chomp On This section. That back 3 must have felt fucking crazy to do

There’s some pretty sweet interactions in there too- when Ishod and Nak do the Batman analogy and they all start laughing- good shit


Ishod is the GOAT. Fuck it there I said it, I don’t think anyone really gets close to him.

I can’t think of many other skateboarders that smile and evoke so much positivity through their footage.


What time is the Ishod section? I skipped to check the ender. 56 minutes is a lot for my 50 year old brain to digest.

[edit] 11 minutes in.

Dunno around the middle

Footage seems to be from about five years ago up until right now. Well worth keeping it for a full length, this is rad.

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Also Ishod & Otis Redding late contender for supervision of the year


Should be showing with the sections split anyway?

What song is it? I don’t know music. Sorry. @Mick_Richards

The Dock Of The Bay

Thank you. @Mick_Richards please excuse my ignorance.

That’s not ignorance Neddy!

Just waiting for Spurs game to finish, then re-watch. Lil’ man sparko.

Need to find time to watch this.

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