Gone Skateboarding?

I love rolling in, and did it again afterwards to try and get back on the horse.

I was so pissed off as I’d driven quite a way to skate this new park and slammed in the first 10 mins. After wimpering on the side for a bit I forced myself to skate for another hour before my body seized up. This was a mistake.


Shit man, heal quick. Sounds nasty!

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Sounds like what happened to me last summer, hit a tiny pebble and got pitched onto my side. Instant swellbow which immediately seized up - was genuinely about 8 months before I could fully straighten my arm again, and it still doesn’t really feel right.

Get on that ice and anti inflammatories!

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(Eat a lot of bacon and) get well soon pal. :heart:

Tofu for me mate :yum:

Whoooops, now I know why typing this felt wrong. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Took my older setup this week (9.75 Heroin Egg Vs 8.5 std shape) and things felt a lot better.

Probably looked shocking, but I can’t see that so it’s not my problem.

In summary… I like skateboarding again.


1 bolt crew! :rofl:

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Haha! It’s a heavy bit of wood… every little helps.

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I’m trying but my back is really sore :face_vomiting:

I think I’m due a few days off…

Back home. Started skating but my back just got worse and worse to the point it’s painful to walk. Tens machine is GO!!!1

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seen this a lot, can someone explain how 1 bolt keeps trucks in place, or am I naive?

They’re probably old 6 hole pattern trucks but new hole patterned deck. So 2 bolts holding the trucks on but you can’t see the other bolt on each side covered by the hangar.


Doh! I see it now

I may not be a credible witness


3 bolts. :+1:


Put my big brave boy shoes on last night and went for a solo yolo at a park near me that’s recently been rebuilt.

Its next to Southwold Pier and had been randomly rained on just before I got there but I still managed to get a little skate in.

Not a bad park but I’d still be happier with a quiet kerb somewhere.