Good shit to buy from Skate Shops

So, I should imagine times are tough for everyone except bog roll salesmen right now, but I really want to order some bits from skate shops I like while I am still getting paid and the world hasn’t entirely ended.

Anyone got an suggestions? Rad books, DVDs, wall hangers, limited shit?

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Just ordered some dunks from

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Lots of good shit on will leave it a week or so until I get something though. That pete thompson book is out end of april as well I think

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Isn’t that like the most generic thing in skate shops?


Maybe. Have never had a pair of SB Dunks so giving them a go.

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Maybe put some money into some smaller pockets? Good shops and good companies. I think NIKE will be fine over this period of time. But I guess anything from a good shop helps.
I don’t need anything personally, trying to think of something apart from nappies. Ron, Does Legacy have and size 6 nappies in?

Edit: not judging you above though ha


Shop tees.

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I wish some shop would do a shirt with their name in either the Thrasher or Supreme typeface. That’d be so sick.


It’s a wonder this has never been done before

Still got my OG one. £15 is an absolute steal though. Profits go to charity so make sure you buy something else so they go towards the shop.

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I’ve got two boards ordered in from Legacy, but I’m happy to pay early if needs be.

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What’s the biggest ROI for a skate shop?

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I’ll take a guess. Wax?

Clothing, anything that goes on 2.5 margin.

I’m guessing even better is own brand clothing.

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