Grand National

The race is tomorrow. Anyone putting a bet on?

You can’t bet on how many will get shot, right? I usually put a couple of long shots on. One year all the favourites are bound to fall.


I put bets on a couple of long shots including Roi Mage which is a reserve so it might not even run. Fingers crossed. I put one on Snow Leopardess which is a favourite so, who knows?

Already thrown away 30 quid on the Masters…

My only tip is do a fiver and pick an outright winner. Fuck EW bets. Waste of time.

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Sometimes E/W acts like insurance so you can recoup the money you put in. You’re unlikely to win a lot from it though.

I remember putting £7.50 EW (so £15) on a 14/1 shot that came second and won under £30. Didn’t even double my money at 14/1.

I guess if you for a 66/1+ it might be worth it if you go bigger than a few quid (and it places high of course).


Would rather blow my money on horse tranquilliser


My mate made a delivery to a trainers house round our way (basically where all the horse racing stables are) and gave him a tip on Silverbirch…

We lived like Tony Montana for the next 36 hours, as did our taxi driver ha

I made a bit of money on an E/W bet on Silver Birch too. One of the only times I’ve picked the winner. I just noticed that the jockey from that race is riding on ‘Poker Party’ this time (not that that means anything).

Mugs game.


Yeah it’s like the only time I’ve put down decent money, young and dumb but the info was coming right out of the heart of the industry.

I got so many dodgy stories from the horse racing industry, they are grade A Brian cants.

It’s got no chance.

I don’t derive any pleasure from placing bets on horses. To me the odds mean nothing, I mean it’s a fucking horse. Obviously one that’s consistently fast will probably do better than one that’s old and knackered, but even then, when the gate’s open what if the fast one is distracted, or twisted his ankle and doesn’t fancy it, or has a slight cold, or something? No thanks.