Grosso appreciation

That was rad

Shaolin temple shit


That was great. I only recently found out that his death was fentanyl related. So gutted to hear this as I thought that he’d put all of that behind him.

Shit, I didn’t know that.

Damn, that last image of him bowing down after that gnarly 5050 to fakie was so moving.

I got one of those tribute decks Daclin made and am looking forward to skating it on transition wearing shorts.

RIP Grosso.

The secret tape on insta had the LA times article up on their stories. Those closet to him don’t reckon it was intentional, and it goes on to mention counterfeit drugs. And the only thing he would talk about more then skateboarding is his son Oliver. It also talked about him doing work with vans with the love letters and helping to get very ramps built if I remember correctly.

Fuck man. That drug is so deadly. What a shame and what a waste .

Not sure if Hosoi talks more about himself or Jesus of Nazareth… For fuck’s sake.

Saw somewhere on Slap that Vans are releasing the SK8-Mids as part of their new line with a Grosso label on the tongue. Would be so great if that stayed forever. Definitely getting a pair when they’re available here.

We miss you Grosso. :heart: :heart: :heart:


:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Its rad that theyre all around and supporting his son. I stopped following the grosso account when he passed and his son took it over. It just felt a bit strange to be liking a load of selfies of a 7 year old I don’t know


Grosso followed me, and now when his son (very occasionally) likes a post, it’s exactly the sort of thing his dad would have liked.

Likewise Jordan Cardona only likes the ill shit.


That was a very enjoyable but bittersweet watch.


The first time Goo liked one of my posts after Jeff died, and up popped “@grossosucks liked your post” or whatever it really freaked me out.

Looks like Oliver is gonna be a rad skater - Grosso would’ve loved the foot control on the lipslide transfer at the start of that video.