Grosso appreciation

Like the rest of you - I am genuinely upset by the passing of Grosso.
His internet persona was so down to earth and ‘real’.
His airing of his faults so uncompromising and his love of skateboarding so all encompassing.
He has left what will go on to be a truly crucial legacy in our shared culture I think.
His last Insta post in particular is emblematic of the man. What a sad day.

With that in mind - if anyone feels like it - here’s a thread to share videos, pictures, etc.
I met him few times and he was generally funny, genial and talkative.
A flawed but truly lovely human being.

Here’s probably my favourite Loveletters to start it off.
(Looking forward to seeing the Japanese one that they were working on currently).
Rest in peace Jeff Grosso.


Random one I know but whenever I hear people talking about The Nine Club and it’s great episodes, they are usually referencing the Father’s Day one with Steve and Alex Olson and then the Grosso episode.

His stories and general attitude to life and skateboarding made him infectious on camera. Fucking sick dude.


Thank fuck he, Six Stair and Vans have recorded so much of him over the years.
An absolute goldmine.

This one man…zero fucks given.

The pure, unadulterated truth.
So much so that fucking Julien Stranger is nervous about getting involved.

“you don’t get to claim it as your own…
Even if you did make it up, you don’t get to say you did…”


Someone posted this quote of Jeff and I thought it was quite good.

“We were a bunch of fucking nerds, we were weirdos. We were fucking social outcasts. We were the fucking people that nobody wanted to be, doing things that nobody wanted to do, and that nobody understood. Listening to music, dressing, hairstyles, everything, nobody got it. We were fucking weirdos. We were the freaks. Ah, you know…that’s how you rolled. That’s how it was. That’s what drew us to skateboarding.” - Jeff Grosso

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This one hit me really hard, I thought he was going to be the one that would be there all the way to the end. He kept skateboarding (in any guise, through any era) on it’s toes and even if not honest with itself, at least taking a look in the mirror from time to time. Will be back to post more here, thx for this thread.

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I can’t pretend I was a “fan” as it was just pre my years on a board and I have only gotten to know him in recent years, I say “know him” as I think we all do, because he just seems to be himself in everything he shows us, No compromising, no hushing down to save face, jobs, integrity etc, he is unapologetically him.
I am definitely a fan now and i’m actually shocked at this.


This hit harder than Phelps for me for sure. Learnt so much about older skate history from Grosso. There’s a quote on the outro of a love letters that I’m struggling to find but it’s gold. Something about skateboarding after the apocalypse

Same here.

Gonna miss his Loveletters and his authenticity.

His boardslide in the Combi Pool is one of my favourite tricks ever.

RIP Grosso.

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FESN just posted this on your YouTube - assuming it’s also a reference to their recent Six Stair trip to Japan for Loveletters (this Jan).

Also - looks like his son Oliver has taken over Grosso’s Insta.
I cried when I saw his face on there earlier.



Going online live later today (about 5 hours from now).

Grosso Forever: Jeff Grosso’s Birthday Tribute

About to start bump.

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That was really cool.
Obviously a very sad subject, but I just mean it was really cool to have these figureheads come together and be real and just shoot the shit about their mutual friend.

Grosso was a real one. Big loss.


Lucero was great.


It was rad and sad.

Rad the one on the live broadcast was cropped, so this is cool to see.
Thank you.

Seperate Elissa interview from the last Love Notes.