Hackney Bumps - Bumps and Grind - Full Skate Documentary

Just watched this…

So sick.

We would skate there in the 90’s and I remember the estate next to it being on one of those “Top Ten Worst Estates in London” lists. It was so, so sketchy down there - but we’d skirt trouble a lot of the time.
I think we only had to leave once because of sketchy behaviour from locals and I remember once not being able to get to the spot as the estate was closed off by police due to troubles…

The last time I went there was 8-9 years ago and the shelter was filled with smack heads and their dealers. It was just grim.

…so this is rad to see how locals are getting involved and everyone is coming together here to just make shit happen.

Very stoked on seeing this.


Watched it this morning, real rad. The polishing process looks so painstakingly tedious so proper to all of them for doing it. Gonna donate what I can and try and get a skate in there next time I’m in London. Looks real fun.

Yeah that was great.
Huge praise to all involved.

look forward to watching this later.

An incident there in about 2004 was one of the closest I’ve come to dieing! :joy:

I used to skate there late 90s too. It was a super sketchy estate. Never saw anything happen but the atmosphere always felt tense. Fun spot though.

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Rad stuff, thanks for posting!

Where can we buy support and buy tees?

Go fund me here Frank - https://uk.gofundme.com/f/regenerating-hackney-bumps

I donated via that.

Also - you can hit them up on their Insta at: https://www.instagram.com/hackneybumps/?hl=en

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