Hand painted decks up for grabs!

Here a few pieces I have done. All up for grabs on Etsy (LJQart - Etsy UK)

I am also open for a few commissioned slots this side of Christmas!

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Got any Eminem ones?

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Salt N Pepa would be good.

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Not at the moment! I would be happy to chat with you about a commissioned Eminem deck! If you would like, drop me a message through Etsy :slight_smile:

Would you like to discuss me making one for you? :smiley:

Pioneers of UK Hip Hop - PJ & Duncan


Im upset the Chuckle Brothers havent been put on a skateboard deck. Now is the time


@hugo did you ever have a pro board on Death?

I want one of these if not.

I did not, I did not deserve one, was shop sponsored standard at best.

Maybe shop sponsored now. Not at the time though.