Happy birthday forum!

Happy birthday to this forum. 3 years old today! And still pisses itself like a real 3 year old :+1:

Thanks to all the forumers, patreons, lurkers and russian bots that grace this place

Unfortunately there’s no party as I have literally been clearing shit out of a bath and only got reminded of the birthday as I have a recurring event in my calendar

Soon, we’ll throw a bash somewhere with some beers, hopefully when world order is restored and I’m closer to the UK!


Happy Birthday forum. This is where i spend all my internet time. Also most of my work time too.

Thanks for making this possible @Spanky

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Happy birthday you beautiful bastards


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thank you for creating this place Spanky.

happy 3rd birthday to us all.

love this place and all the poster/lurkers/mia’s.

big up @Spanky

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Great work @Spanky :raised_hands: