Has anyone ever done

Thinking about how you’d ever win SKATE against PRod, has anyone ever done a

A frontside big spin kick flip?
Backside nollie 360 flip?

Most children seen to be able to do this these days, even the influencers in the berrics

Fair enough, I never watch that stuff so bad example.
It was more wondering where the boundaries are these days. So we’re saying that for nearly any trick you can think of there will be some weirdo out there that has spent months trying it for YouTube likes.

Prod can do everything

But I reckon a cab heel might get him. Every kid can do them now mind you

Potentially some stink infested grab/grind combo. Rocket Air Bluntslide or something.

Should they open up the street grab flood gates?

Guessing he means without turning with it, like a nollie 360 hardflip. Think that’s the sort of trick only reserved for jumpramp flyout clowns.

Sure I’ve seen someone do a fs bigflip (more of a hardflip fs revert) in a game of skate at the berrics or something, can’t think who it would’ve been. Maybe Sewa Kroetkov or someone

Yer Sewa did. Hadn’t thought of that trick like that before.