Hats for bigheads

Can we have a thread for people with pinheads.

When I got my glasses I could fit in kids and women’s frames haha. Made it cheaper.


My best mate has a tiny pinhead as well. He can fit in my kid’s hats

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Also please for pinhead suggestions. Have even resorted to trying to buy kids beanies, but not caps. As someone who wears caps a lot it’s a nightmare.

Usually go with a trusty 5 panel for pinhead.

Are your eyes feakishly close together too?

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Nah chilling just got a big nose.

EDIT: maybe they are but that’s just my observation.

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You rule. Post more.

I also have a huge head and have struggled with caps and beanies in recent times. Finally settled with either a Welcome or Vague cord cap and a Lost Art beanie.

Both types are suitable for the man with a large dome.

I look like I’m rocking a kippah if I wear most beanies made by skate companies.


@franc I’m dead mate, hahahaha

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When we say huge, what’re we talking? I’m rocking a 59cm myself.

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I’m thinking there needs to be a measure-off.

I don’t know why but I find this specificity really funny.

“Welcome to the hat emporium sir, how can I help?”

“Err yeah, what you got in a 59?”

Good job those quotes are outside of the question mark, imagine a 59" head.

I get called Frank Sidebottom, to give you a sense of scale. I prefer Snipers Dream though, might have that one.

Snipers dream ffs hahaha

Just measured my head. 58.5cm. DEAL WITH IT.

Bob Mortimer line isn’t it?

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