heelfip catching tips

It’s possible to jump too high on a heelflip. They require a more restrained upper body movement than ollies or kickflips, I remember correctly.

I would also focus more on kicking off the toe side than towards the nose. Your first heelflips probably won’t be very high and they probably won’t be caught. You can focus on kicking towards the nose and lifting your knees more when going for height, after mastering the flip while keeping the board beneath you center.

the heelflips arent all that high yes
i rarely catch them yes
but jumping too high?

my front foot often hits the board mid flip when i try bring it back
and my back foot can catch when i dont hit it away

Every person does flips differently, different positions, test stuff out. But if you’re struggling to land then it’s going to be a commitment issue. Like I said previously about kickflips, if you concentrate mainly on getting your feet back to where they started when you land, you’ll automatically start landing the trick. You can fine tune the flip as you go afterwards.

i have been getting my feet back to where they started and land with a bit off

when i do this the flick is often slow and i throw the board away with my feet

ive watched a few slow mo videos and noticed the differences in peoples technique and what im doing

planning having a go at some things i noticed

hi guys

spent a while practicing and learnt that im popping the board to hard for how high i jump and that moving are much easier to flip than still

with the decreased pop im no longer getting hit behind my knee by the board and im getting full rotation almost always and my feet land almost always where they started

im just struggling with the flick as i often shoot the board away from me
is it that im dragging to slow?
im doing it in long pants to hinder me so that without hindrance ill be better

my man, i don’t want to be a downer here, but there is a limit to how helpful we can be with advice. everyone has their own way of doing things and we can give advice but you need to find your own path. you can heelflip with your feet in a massive variety of positions. small pop, big pop, small jump, big jump, lots of flick, mob flick.

without seeing any videos of what you are doing i almost guarantee that you’re not committing to the trick. kickflips and heelflips are soo close to the ollie movement. do a bunch of ollies. then try the trick. sooner or later you are going to need to commit to putting both feet on the board - this will require you jumping OVER the board and putting your weight onto it regardless of whether it’s flipped properly or not


Not sure about the long pants/hindrance approach, I get it but just not sure I’d bother. Once you starting landing every one, maybe then to add a challenge but until then, make your life easier.

Have you filmed yourself trying them? I’d film 10 tries, noting which one was a good one at the time as you feel it/land it, then see if you can replicate. Then repeat x 10 and so on. Chuck a few on here, be much easier for someone to help once seeing what you’re doing.

Commitment is key and like Naz says, it’s just about going for it. You’ll likely slam on a few.

It’s been said already but practice practice practice.

It could be that you’re not pouncing fast enough off your back foot or that you are throwing your weight onto your back foot as you jump. Your chest should be closer to your front foot when you squat and it should stay over that part of the board through out. You could also try bringing your front foot back from the front truck bolts if the board is spinning too slowly.

As others have said, It would probably help to film yourself and link to it in this thread.

This. In the nicest way possible, go to your local skatepark and ask someone there who can heelflip what you’re doing wrong and ask for their help.

You’ve pretty much exhausted our suggestions for them, youll need to try and adjust your feet and if we can’t see what it is you’re doing/not doing there isn’t much more we can say unfortunately

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i get what you guys are saying ill try record some attempts at upload them

there is no skatepark here
i just go outside my house or to the nearest town with my buddies and street skate
no one else does heelflips

but thanks for trying

so i got some videos of myself

how do i upload them?
says only images not videos

You could upload the videos to youtube and link to them here. You can make the videos unlisted if you don’t want them turning up in youtube searches, that way only anyone you share the videos addresses with will be able to see them.

Same as above but for Instagram. Just start a new incognito account, keep it public so we can see.

well i guess its pointless now

i managed to finally do a heelflip, catch and land it

so i want to say thanks all
your tips did help once i found what was wrong - my flick was off

positioning my body weight over my front foot and leaning over my feet (according to braille skateboarding)

once my flick was solid i could do it

only thing i have to learn is controlling the slight bs spin and more consistent flicks

but thanks all


Yeah…we’re gonna need to see a video of one.

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