heelfip catching tips

It’s possible to jump too high on a heelflip. They require a more restrained upper body movement than ollies or kickflips, I remember correctly.

I would also focus more on kicking off the toe side than towards the nose. Your first heelflips probably won’t be very high and they probably won’t be caught. You can focus on kicking towards the nose and lifting your knees more when going for height, after mastering the flip while keeping the board beneath you center.

the heelflips arent all that high yes
i rarely catch them yes
but jumping too high?

my front foot often hits the board mid flip when i try bring it back
and my back foot can catch when i dont hit it away

Every person does flips differently, different positions, test stuff out. But if you’re struggling to land then it’s going to be a commitment issue. Like I said previously about kickflips, if you concentrate mainly on getting your feet back to where they started when you land, you’ll automatically start landing the trick. You can fine tune the flip as you go afterwards.

i have been getting my feet back to where they started and land with a bit off

when i do this the flick is often slow and i throw the board away with my feet

ive watched a few slow mo videos and noticed the differences in peoples technique and what im doing

planning having a go at some things i noticed

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