heelfip catching tips

hi everyone

i recently added a topic about kickflip help

but i decided that bc im so bad at it try the heelfip which it turns out im much better at
there isnt as much rotation like the kickflip and im getting the board to flip successfully im just struggling to catch the board bc i find it shifts in front of me a little

i love heelflips

keep your shoulders straight with the board (even more so than kickflips). concentrate on sliding the front foot, i like to lead them with the knee and focus on getting my knee up to the nose.

i feel heelflips don’t have as much of an obvious flick as kickflips do, rather it’s a full leg movement up to the nose and off

being honest @JJ_S8TR it sounds like you have the same issue with your kickflips and heelflips. you need to jump forward a bit towards the nose and keepy our body over the board. if it spins right you land it and roll away, if it spins wrong you primo and fall. anything else is you just flicking the board and not committing

Look forward to the nose of your board going straight up your jacksy :sunglasses:
The pain of sitting on your board aint worth having heelflips in your repertoire.


i can safely say that this fear caused me not to try heelflips for years


They should both rotate 100 % I think


im saying that i can flip the board better with the heelflip than when i try kickflip

but i just struggle to catch it

ive looked at a few slo mo heelfips and noticed that alot of people just barely lift their back foot above the board as it flips
some bring their knees to their chests

i know im struggling mainly because my back foot doesnt get very high and sometimes limits my ollies

so im working on pulling my legs up and hoping that will help my heelfips

Work on your ollies first then, everything stems from the ollie so if your ollies arent right its going to make everything else much harder. Basics first

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sounds like a good suggestion

i have been doing that and i manage to pull up my leg but only when i really think about it

but i can only really concentrate on 1 thing at a time

so adding the flip motion from my front foot can be a bit of a challenge right now

hopefully practice and itll be like riding a bike in a way

I can land kickflips with one foot, front or back but can’t put it together at all. One day hopefully

The position of your chest is usually important. If it’s too far over your toe side on heelflips the board will land behind you. The kick should be sudden and not too early.

Before learning flips, it might help to learn shove-its (including 360 shove-its) if you haven’t already as they involve a jump, a strike of the tail and a catch as well.

On simple pop shove-its you can get away with a sort of aggressive kick turn and a jump to begin with, but rotating the board off the back wheels like that on a 360 shove-it will cause the board to travel out from under you as it spins. The solution is to throw your weight earlier and sweep the wheels off the ground and round behind you so the board spins round its middle. If the board does half a pressure flip as it spins, try keeping the heel of your back foot down as you strike the tail.

so what should i do when the board goes in front of me?

i have no problem with it going behind me

Its all physics and balance, if it goes in front of you youre leaning too far back , if it goes behind youre leaning too far forward etc. Think of it as fine tuning scales, you have to make tiny adjustments to get it all to line up so its massive trial and error

i see

any specific foot placement?
i usually have front foot just behind the bolts toes hanging off and back foot just to the side of the tail in the pocket

Personal preference, I never used to like my toes hanging off as i didnt feel as stable so pretty much used to heelflip from the same position as an ollie, it felt like you got more kick to it. Your experience may vary

sounds like something i can try

i have managed to get the flip that way but its not always controlled and sometimes gets a little backside spin

i have tried using the kickflip position but i couldnt get my heel to hit the nose edge

If its spinning backside then you may be scooping with your back foot

that was 1 thought i had

almost had a inward heelflip (think thats the name )yesterday bc of it
shame my front foot slipped

Try keeping the heel of your front foot down, your back straighter than on an ollie and kick quickly and very suddenly (if you kick too slowly you may kick the board out from under you).

focusing on kicking harder and faster actually helped

i managed to catch with my back foot more often than usual

not all that common but a improvement