Heitor Adidas Part

This needs its own thread.

Like watching water on a skateboard. Best switch fs flips ever.

@Les_Zeppelin the penultimate tricks is for you and your front blunts.


When Heitor first appeared I wasn’t a fan, his style was way too loose for my tastes.

But that was really good and his style seems to have solidified, he’s still flowing but has more precision. Anyway, good shit

Making this bit stick to your feet is impossible.


Yeah that front blunt was the highlight for me.

I think I might need to have a word re your ‘best switch fs flips ever’ comment though @neddy especially given your hometown


I mean yeah that was just bait. I’m not rising to it :smile:


I struggle with that bit too. Ok if you go straight off the end but hard to pop out.

When I pop out on backside bluntslides I ollie first and turn late. Maybe try that?

I’m not the person to give front bluntslides advice though I’ve landed about three in about three million attempts.

I thought his style was a bit more chaotic in this, particularly some of the earlier clips. Like he was just holding on to some of the tricks, in a good way. He seemed to be pushing himself a lot more in this, which is good to see. Really great part.

Couple of clips that could have been jettisoned though - that slappy, flip fs nose line, and what was with that random flip bs tail in the NY bit?!


Yeah that confused me too - with a dude this good it seemed completely pointless having an easy single ledge trick in there.


Haha yer okok, it’s just good the way Heitor does it

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Why would you jettison the slappy? it was a good slappy, and I don’t want to live in a world devoid of slappies. Always more of them done well please. Take the ride on grind in exchange ( generally I mean )


It was the trick that came after it in that line. He toe dragged and put his hand down on the flip fs nose. Just felt a bit weak compared to the other clips.

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You’re not alone. I’m still on the fence.
I feel like sometimes he’s putting it on a bit, feeling himself for the camera…

Still highly talented though.

I’ll say it. His style is so bad. It looks so forced and unnatural. It’s really a tough watch for me. I know the majority of people are into his wavy loose vibe but I can’t get on board with it. Technically he’s a fantastic skateboarder but for me he’s just really hard to enjoy.

Ps. No shade on anyone that likes his style. I’m just more of a Wade D guy.


This edit is sick as well.

Fully get why people aren’t into him, but he’s a bit wild I like it.

Come on. You can’t fake that. You’re overthinking it in my humble opinion. You could say you don’t care for something, but suggesting that skating this creative and with a level of skill and spontaneity this high that he’s putting it on is way too tin foil. He’s one of the only modern skaters that reminds me of Gonz at a similar age. Doesn’t try things over and over again. Natural talent and spontaneity levels through the roof. One of the best ever


Wade D looks more put on to me the whole perfection thing is tiresome. Horses for courses


I would be feeling myself if I could skate that like.


That’s exactly where I sat, totally opposite end of the spectrum. But I can appreciate him more now that he’s chilled a bit on the wacky inflatable tube man arms

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Completely! All personal taste innit!


I don’t think he’s faking it all the time. I just get the impression he’s over accentuating stuff from time to time like he’s very conscious that he’s the focus of attention and having a bit of a laugh with it.