Help! I don’t know what deck this is

I have this board which was gifted to me and I want to sell but don’t know the value I’ve had it for over 3+years but need money for a cruiser. Photos attached— All I know is:

  1. Made by monster energy

  2. Cannot find a singular pic on the web of it.

Worth fuck-all. Sorry for the bad news.

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Looks like a Monster Energy/Death Skateboards colab. Looks skated. You might get £20 for it. What trucks are those? Look like old Indy with Grindking kingpins, which is interesting.

Ahhhhh ffs really got my hopes up but that’s a shame, thanks for the help bro

Oh yeah, has the six holes in them.

Put some phat risers on it and some big soft wheels, cruiser sorted.

Pretty sure there really cheap trucks but you tell me please… another photo attached

Another photo of trucks

United skates yep total shit, JJB sports or something brand in the late 90’s early 00’s

I’ve got another board from the 80s maybe you guys could help me value it , was my dads but he’s given it to me. Everything original

I’ve also got wheels

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Now you’re talking, that’s worth something. But what I have no idea. Try to get an idea on price and then I’d sell on eBay if you want best price.

Don’t quit your job though, it won’t be worth that much, maybe a nice dinner for you and the missus but that’s a total stab in the dark. There are quite a few of these floating around in mint unused condition iirc


Thanks, this one is pretty banged up so I’ll have to see.

That could be worth a bit. Go find an old school collect/buy/sell page on facebook.

Thanks man, will do.

Completely forgot about United Skates, that was peak grom setup back in the day

If so, send that person my way… I’ve got some banging 100% grade-A magic beans here.


The ultimate grom board.

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Don’t think I’ve ever seen a United Skates board that didn’t have mud all over the grip. It was like a magnetic for dirt


ahh this was my first hand me down board. same colour on top too. bottoms been painted right? remember mine being all red like that too. didn’t last long for me though, those old school loose bearings were an absolute nightmare for a child to deal with