Hensley's (first track) music in Shackle Me Not

Been going round my head all morning. Anyone know who it is/track name? I couldn’t see it directly referenced in the credits and I don’t have soundtrack CD to hand…

Listening to him he has hard wheels as well, must be 97a, everyone else was running around 90a around that time

I know the track you mean, but don’t know what it’s called, sorry. There is / was a skate video music site that might be able to help… or just wait until Pigdog logs in. :slight_smile:

92, 95 or 97’s were most common - I’d go for 92 or lower if available in the shop at the time.

UKSF Rose Tinted SpecsTM aside, this is still a good section IMO.


Got the H-Street compilations here, will check in a bit.

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Cheers Build!

according to Shazam it’s this -



I went through it earlier and couldn’t find it but I skipped the obvious ones, another set of ears would be great, cheers build

That’s the one! That tune has always been mesmerising to me. Something about that native american style chant in the background.


Ha! Fantastic - cheers.

Future Insta edit soundtrack material.

Oh yeah I’ve never seen Shackle Me Not either.


I have a confession to make. I’ve not seen video days either. I just like winding you up about it.


If you add this to the list, will you have to watch them in date order?

Side note: One of my Sidewalk subs came with a Flip, Tom Penny T-Shirt and I didn’t know who he was at the time.

when i was a grom i thought all the best skaters were American so i just assumed the entire Flip team were also, Penny included

Not this one, it’s the tune before it as he skates the pathway

in that link you posted, that is the first song apparently

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That is the tune when he skates the path.

Yep. Found this list.

Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 10.37.59