Hey first post..

Hey so I’ve been skateboarding for 6 months now, and finally learnt to manual… But like i can only manual in one area, its like I’m scared too, if i fall off etc… I wanna start to manual off small obstacles etc road gaps and small stairs… How can I do it without freezing out of fear?
Thanks :))

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Keep going and try not to stress about slamming.

Persist, practice, prevail :slight_smile:

Sorry I can’t be more specific, but just time and patience.

Start small. Even just rolling over a crack in the floor. Then after 3 weeks try something massive.

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Skateboarding is as much about falling, as it is about landing the trick. Just accept that you are going to fall off and you might hurt yourself. I know that’s not much help, but learning that it’s okay to fail and fall is the start of learning to land the trick.

Sorry if that seems a bit preachy!


start small yeah

maybe start rolling off super SUPER small stuff. Find a sheet of wood and manny that, then the drop will be less than 3cm, right? Then work up

always do one extra push than you think you’ll need. Going too slow is way more dangerous than going too fast.

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