hey guys

are these a good price?

They seem to be decent trucks. Buy from Ron at Legacy, he’s chucking in your little essentials that easily bump your costs up when you buy bits randomly from different places.

Think the guys at my local SOS (Ideal) sell and rate them. Yh, go with Ron at Legacy, you can get a discount with the forum code too. Krux trucks which Legacy sells too are good for a similar price.

Saying that the Ideal guys are great too, Zippy n Bob, assuming it’s them still at the helm? It’s up to you, you have 2 great shops with great peeps.

Yh, they still run Ideal, sound guys.

I’d hold on to the board, sell it next year, get more money for it and in the meantime get a shop deck from legacy


Wise words there ^

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Chopper on point there…Smart move.

Yeah, I assumed he’d bought it from a reseller as your stores are closed.
No offence meant. I actually think I mentioned that your store is solid somewhere above.

Just wanted to get across that resellers ain’t the one.

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Yeah, I actually cropped that photo I posted of a shopping bag so it was anonymous…because I didn’t want to push this guy towards one store.
Plenty of good ones out there in the UK. Thankfully.