hey guys

hey guys so i got this supreme deck and its 8.25" and i don’t know what truck sizes or wheels to get could anyone please help me ?

Thunder 148s and 54mm wheels for now.

Or, Independent 144 trucks.

And yeah, 54mm wheels will do the job. Spitfire Formula Ones will last you a long time.

i am trying to get the cheap ones tbh

Should have started with a shop board then.

How much was that board? Have you just blown a ton on the part you replace most often?

Not sure there really are cheap truck options without getting something which is only going to hinder.

Indy/Thunder/Venture/Ace seem to be peoples go to. Buy whatever is cheapest.

Trucks are pivotal… literally.

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Yeah, you just spent a hell of a lot on a board.
Supreme is a good company, for sure…but you probably should have spent £45-£55 on a regular board rather that a wall hanger.
That would have left you money to buy decent wheels and change to go towards trucks.

I take it you have grip tape? You’ll need bolts, bearings, wheels and trucks.
What sort of budget do you have left?

i got it from depop! and uh nothing i only have the deck you see i am nearly 20 and i wanna start skating am i too old? i am new to skateboarding

Definitely not too old. Don’t buy boards off of Depop, though. Go to a skateshop (when they are open) or order from a skateshop online. Depop is a total rip off…You just paid double for what you need.

I take it you have grip tape? You’ll need bolts, bearings, wheels and trucks.
What sort of budget do you have left?

i need to order griptape online but i have no idea what brands to get? what brands of wheels shall i get and bolts? im thinking about streetskating the most. well it was my birthday money so i have like -£200 left for the rest

Trucks, Fixing Bolts, Grip-Tape, Bearings and Wheels to complete

I’ll give you the bolts and grip if you buy the wheels, trucks and bearings from Legacy and if you use POSTSUCKS its free postage

Get some £20 (picture) wheels, £10 (cheapshots) bearings and £50ish trucks look at venture 5.2, or film 5.25 for your deck width

Griptape usually comes for free with a board.

I just ran through a shop local to me and picked up a pretty standard setup - but one which contains components you’ll possibly not veer from for the rest of your life.

£166 total, including a board. So, basically £100.

Don’t buy off of De-fucking-pop.

Edit: Just saw Rons post after writing the above. Legacy is a good store. Go there.

thank you !

thank you!

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You bought a Supreme board from a reseller for twice the price, and yet you want to get the cheapest trucks and wheels?

Is this for skateboarding on or for Instagramming? Please be honest.

Think he maybe made a mistake not knowing the normal price for a deck, could get a whole setup for not much more…

Oh well…Shit happens.

We’ve all been there.

Technically that is a shop board