Hi all,

Just popping a post up to say hi all, I have had a good read through a lot of posts on here and there seams to be a good place with lots of good advice.

So I live in West Yorkshire, 46 years old, two girls ( both skate) started on my doughters enuff comple set up this summer. I started with the idea of just cruising about without looking a complete numpty and getting a long board at some piont.

3 months on and I still don’t have a long board yet as we are not a flush family, advice on a cheep long board would be great.

But I have started a few basic tricks, I can just about land a shove it and ollie but I do look a old git trying to skate when doing them…anyway its a lot more fun than going for a run or the gym and I get some quality time with the kids.

See you about, cheers Brian.


Skip the longboard, get a cruiser setup. You’ll get 1000x more use out of it, will actually enjoy using it, and will be able to learn tricks on it if you decide to or otherwise just simple ride about

Few of us on here are based in Leeds so hit us up if you want any advice on places to skate or cool spots etc. Get yourself to Welcome skate store in Leeds or Division 24 in Wakefield for skate gear and good advice on buying stuff!


yeah, forget the longboard, they are actually dangerous for skaters. It’s a totally different thing, more surfing than skating. Like BvS said, get a nice bigish cruiser board, softer wheels etc, at least you’ll have a tail to get you up and down bits and out of trouble.

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Cheers I will have a look into these a bit more.

Cheers, we are just the other side of Bradford, I have taken the kit to Otley and Bingley but they do get a bit intimidated by the some of the older guys at Bingley. My two girls are only 11 and 13.

I have kite boarded and wake boarded in the past, that was my initial draw to the long board but the more time I spend on the standard deck the more I like it.

Did you have any recommendations for a cruiser set up.

Nah, I don’t use them myself but others on here do i’m sure. You definitely won’t get any longboard advice here apart from don’t get one. ha, :wink:

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Nice! There is a skatepark in Micklefield that a lot of the beginners and girls go and skate that they might feel more comfortable at. Earlyish on mornings too is always the best time to go and get a roll in at most parks. I also work a few shifts at an indoor skatepark called LS Ten in Leeds that you all might like

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Nobody gives a shit how bad you are at a skatepark. Right now, loads of people are either starting or re-discovering skating, so there’s a lot of others in the same boat. Main thing is to be aware of others lines so you don’t keep getting in the way of somebody hauling arse around the park.

For a cruiser board, look at something around 8.5", with whatever trucks you can get (beginners/cheap will do for now) and soft wheels (78-85a) around 55-60mm. Softer wheels feel better under your feet and will make a difference getting around crusty streets and carparks. Perhaps a little harder to slide, but it’s a trade off. You won’t need 101a wheels (rock hard, almost plastic) at this stage if you’re just dipping the toe in the water. Have fun!

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Cheers for that info, we have just spent a few days in Fleetwood and my elder child was riding a bowl there and started dropping in with a lot more confidence so a indoor park sounds like a great idea.

Cheers Brian.

Cheers for all that, what about length of board?

Spacial awareness is skating etiquette.

Pretty much echo what ciaran says about a wider board etc.
And what the others say about forgetting the longboard.
You’ll access more places on a standard and more compact regular board.


There’s a good little park in Saltaire, a old mogul park/new concrete park in Wibsey (usually dead quiet) and a bunch of other ones dotted around (depending on where you are exactly).
Don’t worry about being old/not good. I’m nearly 50, fat and shit but I never get anything but good vibes at the majority of skateparks these days.

Shout Division 24 in Wakefield for a cruiser set up - tell Wayne that we sent you.

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32"-32.5" is about the same for everybody, no matter how tall you are. The size is pretty much standard these days. As Anon said, if you go to a proper skate shop like Division 24 in Wakefield, they’ll be able to tell you what’s suitable.

This. Longboards are useless on pump tracks and skateparks, which are always great fun - they won’t get you up or down a curb when you really need it and are really only good for going down a pier into the sea.

We had a long board in the shop.
Never got any interest from anybody.
As the shop was on a hill that was on a one way street with a 90 degree corner into the next part of the one way street, still downhill, we would have a blast on it but it reinforced the fact that you needed lots of space for it and regular boards are much more agile and versatile.
I used to skate to and from work places around the town with routes mapped out that were smooth and maybe shortcuts.
Longboards are inconvenient.


Cheers, we are just down the road from saltire in bingley but the skate park has been closed due to this bloody virus. We have all skated around the park though. 50 ah, I still got a few years in me them, plenty of time to embarrass myself and the kids.

Thanks for the that, glad I didn’t buy one then.