History - Inspirational vids you saw as a kid.

My first skate video experience was Attack by Peralta and Simenon but the most influential were the H-Street vids, particularly this…

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and especially this…

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26:17 was the first time I ever saw a nollie flip.


Yeah…useless wooden toys!

Watched that and Streets on Fire all the time

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pretty sure it was the first nollie flip on film.
either Chris Hall or Andy Howell spoke very highly of Ali Mills’s ahead-of-his-time abilities

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On of the first vids I saw was a 411 in about 98. But we watch 1281 more than anything else because it felt ancient compared to anything current. Only 7 years difference between them!

After the THPS pro video unlocks and watching Concrete Wave on the Extreme Sports channel mine was Dying to Live. These things have a lasting effect- just bought a Zero board.

ON video summer 2001. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEFSOh6a9Qs (How do you embed a video link?) Loved rattray’s part in dying to live.

There has never been a post-vid hype (imo) like ‘Public Domain Day’ - most of R.A.D was devoted to it when the mag came out.

The video, particularly the street skating, ROCKED every skater that saw it.

That and Shackle Me Not.

Now we’ve got Nyjah and DeTuna.


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Shackle me Not and Hokus Pokus were the ones for me. I thought Public Domain was dated when I first saw it, except for Vallely. I loved the rawer vibe of the H Street vids. And the format meant you were never quite sure who you were watching unless it was announced at the beginning of the part. Love it.

Also, the music was so much better than in the Powell vids.

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Yeah, I can see how PD could look sort of dated - 1988 though, same year as Shackle. Longer production times for Powell, I suppose.

I was 14.

And correct - Powell music has always been really bad. Snowboarding-video bad.

Borrowed public domain from a kid in school and it completely changed my life. Watched it about 2 years after it came out but I didn’t care.
Then I bought hokus pokus and I understood that PD seemed ‘safe’ and this was more my bag.


That Hokus Pokus soundtrack is legendary

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video days and questionable.

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This when I was about 12 in another life,pretty rad though :grin:.

Planet Earth Now N Later from 1991. Watched this to death when I got it. Then loaned it to a prick at school who refused to return it. Eventually picked up a hot DVD version of it in 2006 or something. Trent Gaines, Jovantae Turner, Chris Miller and Brian Lotti were my personal favourites.

New Deal Useless Wooden Toys and 1281 were massive for me too.


Fuckin’ aye!

First section in the first skate video I ever watched. AVE’s a favourite although the appreciation didn’t really come around until I was older. I’ve always loved Kalis’ part in there too.

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This was premiered in Barcelona the night after myself and my friends, who I had gone there with, had booked to leave.
We had no idea about the details of the video release and prems.
Once we started seeing posters around the place, we were gutted that we would not still be there to enjoy it.
Good vid although, personally speaking, I was not really a kid at this stage.
The timing fits in with me fucking up my knee so fits into a timeline of my life quite predominantly.
I incurred the injury 2 weeks prior to going to Barcelona.