How to post anonymously (now disabled)

This feature has now been disabled and is no longer available.

well well well, I’m just testing the feature, not even sure why this would/should be an option, surely this would add to mental health issues

Saves making a second account I suppose… Still though. Not sure about this.

You cunt.

fucking internet nerds

i have no interest in that 50 state guy.
or black holes.


You can mute/hide posts, go to bottom of the thread and select ‘Muted’:

I live on a building site and have Aspergers. Also, you’re all cunts.

Ah this makes sense. Think I accidentally did this today.

Could be fun for a confessions thread as well

It is until you forget you got it on it would appear. Then people could suss who you are. Might turn it off.

Testing, 1, 2

testing 2,1

testing I AM HAVEN testing